Annual Fundraiser

Spring has arrived and you are invited to our Annual Fundraiser hosted by Messert Ethiopia. Enjoy an incredible, delicious Ethiopian vegetarian meal (pizza for children) with relaxing music for adults and fun activities for children. Have a lovely evening while helping raise money for children’s programs in Ethiopia.

For more information, please call Veronica (301) 775-5201

Donations are accepted year round for as much as you are able to contribute to help a child.


Fundraiser Junior Auction of Ethiopian Gifts


Sponsorship_cirlceIn addition to the auction for adults, which we held last spring for the first time, this year’s fundraiser has added an auction for your children to bid on gifts from Ethiopia. Donate to the children’s home and take home a treasure!

Sponsor A Child


girl2_cirlceYou can sponsor a child for only $18.33 per month–that is only 61 cents a day to change the life of a child! Sponsorship money is collected twice a year, and you will receive a progress report of the child you support.

Set Up A Donation Box


donationbox_circlePlace a donation box in your place of business, organization, church or temple. Give others the opportunity to help needy children.

Feel free to email us today and we will be happy to provide you more information.